Top 5 Tips to make your track a Happy Place.

At Make Tracks we love finding your happy places and then building you a track to get you there.  We use bridges, boardwalks and platforms make the most of the natural features, seats and tables encourage you to stop and enjoy the silence. Dy adding signage we can draw your attention to the birds and trees and tell the stories of the land, whatever they are.

Our top five tips for your happy place

  1. Bridges and boardwalks are irresistible – people love walking on them, and they make a big difference for a small investment.  They’re great for small creek crossings or wet areas.
  2. Signs brings the bush to life – bird and tree signs are available at a reasonable price.   On bigger sites we can make bespoke signs telling the stories of the land, the natural features and the history of a site.
  3. Picnic tables/seats encourage you to take time out – they’re part of that park experience and can open up another outdoor area.
  4. Deck areas make a great destination – for spa pools, yoga, picnics or just the view, consider places facing the rising or setting sun for extra wellbeing.
  5. Pest control – Waiheke has a goal to be pest free, why not use your track to access traps or bait stations that help keep rats off your place and birds safe on the island?

Here on Waiheke we are lucky have a fantastic network of tracks, linking us to these happy places and giving us the opportunity to enjoy. 

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